Monday, September 10, 2007

First blog ever!

Well, where to start? I might as well start with myself. I have been a long time hockey fan, so much so that I moved from England to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

You may ask, why would I do such a thing? Well the answer is simple, I moved so I could become a Penguins season ticket holder, Crazy eh!

Since moving to the States, I have spent most of my free time either reading, talking or watching hockey, it has become my life's passion.

After much encouragement, I have decided to do a daily hockey blog. I will be talking about hockey news, trades and rumours. I encourage you to participate by leaving comments, I will try to respond whenever possible.

I hope you all enjoy my blog and hopefully this will be a debate filled season!

1 comment:

jimp19 said...

I hope that the village idiot Dean doesnt come in here and talk the Yotes nonsense, because they don't have much to talk about in all honesty. This has the potential to be a good blog with good discussion and some good hockey fans. If the Yahoo NHL children stay out it will be a much better blog.